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Friday, July 15, 2011

Romain Grosjean to make F1 Return

Let's go milling again (at the rumour mill obviously).

This Grosjean lad is impressing once again in GP2. Let's face it, in 2009 he was a complainer, nothing was his fault.  There were poor quali sessions blamed on traffic hold ups, yellow flags, and an accident in Brazil.  There were crashes with Badoer and Button, Brake problems, lack of circuit knowledge, rain, retirements, tyre temperature issues, understeer, oversteer, wombling free (for the UK & Eire Fans - anyone who's unfamiliar with wombles here's a link).

Anyway, apart from that little walk down memory lane, Grosjean was, for all intents and purposes washed up after his rookie F1 year.  His F1 career was short and sour with little chance of anyone in the Piranha Club taking him seriously again.

Did he run away with his tail between his legs? No, He went back to GP2 where he won the inaugural Asia Series in 2007 and came fourth in the GP2 Series season in 2008 where he was the highest finishing rookie.  Now in 2011 he's once again won the GP2 Asia Series and is leading the GP2 Series season by 9 points.

This Swiss, who apparently still holds down a dayjob as a Banker (what else?), may well be worth another look from one of the midfield teams next year.  The only question is where can he go? Sauber? Toro Rosso? Force India? There is a rumour linking him to Renault for the end of this season if Nick doesn't come up with the goods and it's unlikely that Williams will plump for a Maldonado/Grosjean combo next year being a very inexperienced line-up.