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Monday, July 18, 2011

Connew F1

I noticed that someone had looked at my July 2011 post recently, which simply served to redirect anyone interested to Barry Boor's site, and wanting to re-familiarise myself with their story I decided to click through to my post and from there to the story. I saw that the links were down and I had to find the story again and redirect the links to Barry Boor's site.  The web address has changed and I have updated the links accordingly.

July 2011 Post

Wow! Not a lot going on in the F1 world other than the normal non-story stories so, as I was researching F1 drivers who didn't cut it I came across this wonderful website about Connew F1.  This is the true spirit of F1 - Read the Connew F1 story in 6 parts from the link at the bottom of Paragraph 2.  This is the story through the eyes of Barry Boor who helped Peter Connew build and race an F1 car at the Austrian GP of 1972.

The story really gives an insight into the operation of a (very) small, inexperienced team and their efforts to get a car onto the F1 grid.  Great tale and I hope that you like it as much as I did.  One for all those guys out there who dream!

If you want a pre-story history Wiki has one (of course).  Here's a picture of the car with Peter Connew, Roger Doran and Ron Olive.  I'm crediting it to Barry Boor's Website