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Monday, October 15, 2012

Title is Sebastian Vettel's to lose

Vettel's title to lose
Courtesy of Renault Sport F1
Following the Red Bull stroll to victory in Korea the language of the chasing teams is seeming increasingly defeatist.

Fernando Alonso, while attempting to remain upbeat, said after the race:
Obviously Red Bull have made a step forward and they won three races. They were one and two in qualifying in Suzuka, one and two in qualifying here, one and two in the race here so it's something that is not in our hands
and Lewis Hamilton's take was:
I guess the pressure is now off, I guess that’s us kind of out of the championship. It’s tough because there’s so much work from the team, so much work from all the people around to try and win this thing. We were still in the fight up until now, but it’s too far away now.
As for Lotus they are definitely out of the mix at this stage.

As I've been boycotting the Bahrain GP, treating it as a non-championship race from a points perspective, I'd like to point out that in my world driver's championship Fernando still leads Sebastian by 13 points, with McLaren having been overtaken for second place in the Constructor's by Ferrari on the strength of last Weekend's result.

Sebastian has had three spectacular results, winning all before him since the teams went East: with Alonso making the statement that Ferrari have brought no upgrades since Belgium, and McLaren not getting any luck either in car reliability or tyre wear there's only one team who are poised to profit and that's the Red Bull and Sebastian.