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Thursday, March 1, 2012

You cannot be Serious!

Is it time for Frank Williams to go? I'm not talking about the Parr replacement theory I'm listening to Frank regretting ever letting Adrian Newey go.

Regrets are all very well but perhaps the trouble really came to a head with last years performance and the trouble which that highlighted within the organisation of the team. Perhaps Frank and Patrick took their combined eyes off the ball over the last couple of years and managed to allow things to progress to the current state.

Unfortunate? Yes but not necessarily down to the departure of Adrian Newey.  It was inevitable that Newey would leave eventually and I don't think that part ownership would have staved the day off for more than a couple of years.  Adrian would appear to be the kind of guy that needs a challenge - needs to be able to start from scratch from time to time in order to justify his sense of his own (legendary) abilities.

He might be the only one who feels the need to prove himself to himself- let's face it the rest of us know how good he is we've see it every year, year-on-year as he gets to grips with design and budgets and new rules which have been brought in to attempt to give everyone else the chance to catch up.

We know Adrian Newey is the greatest car designer in the paddock but that does not give licence to the born racer that is Sir Frank Williams to start regretting past decisions.

If you take that expression of regret and link it to the Parr story I think we might be looking at the last season of Williams F1.  I don't think anyone would expect Frank to go out with a whimper though.