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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are you reading this Bernie?

Last year it was Luca, this year its Bernie.  I guess I'm at the forefront of F1 PR Idea generation and whether its Bernie or one of his flunkies they've obviously decided that third cars are the way forward.  I presume this is the case given that Bernie would appear to have suggested the privateer idea to Sky in a broadcast yesterday.

Apparently he said that new teams should have three years to build their own car and they should be able to buy a works car from any of the teams up until that point.

I posited that idea last year with the added warning that it would only encourage Georgio Pantano to come back to F1 in a works Ferrari.  But I think its not a bad old idea Bernie! it certainly keeps the chatter up - except for those of us who won't pay for Sky F1.