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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The (F)lighter side of F1

On the lighter side of F1 Richard Branson is finally honouring the bet he made with Tony Fernandes over which team would finish highest in the WCC in 2010.  Branson was heading Virgin F1 (now Marussia) in 2010 whilst Fernandes headed Lotus (now Caterham).

Photo taken from Air Asia's Facebook Page
Both rivals being the owners of their own airline as well as F1 team at the time made a bet that the losing team owner would serve as an Air Steward on the rival airline.

Lotus won the bet in Abu Dhabi in 2010 by finishing 10th whilst Virgin finished behind the HRT F1 team in 12th place.

Branson now looks set to honour the bet on Sunday 12th May, with all proceeds from the flight going to charity.  Tony Fernandes famously presented Richard Branson with his Stewardess outfit after the race in Abu Dhabi.