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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ross Brawn and Nick Fry to resign from Mercedes?

I've seen a lot of twitter chatter about Paddy Lowe moving from McLaren to Mercedes.  It comes from an article in Bild and says that the move is a done deal.  The story basically says that Toto Wolff was bringing him to Williams to replace Mark Gillan but, now that he has been appointed to Mercedes Paddy has been persuaded to bring his talents to the German Marque.

There's speculation that Ross Brawn and/or Nick Fry are to leave Mercedes
Courtesy Mercedes AMG
That is the primary thrust of the story but it is the last paragraph which really interests me.  If you pardon my interpretation of the Google translator's interpretation of the German story which says:
"insiders also question whether Ross, the new Mercedes-constellation plus the People Lowe referred to Mercedes team boss Brawn and Nick Fry is his right hand. In England, there is speculation that the two are about to throw in the towel"
Is this not the real story here?  This is speculation which I haven't heard from any online or offline source and I'm wondering just where the information comes from.  The only reference that I can see is a single line in Autosport's story about Toto Wolff which says:
"Team CEO Nick Fry remains a part of Mercedes for now, but his future role is being discussed".
Whether that constitutes speculation that Brawn and Fry are leaving Mercedes AMG is questionable.  No sources are quoted in the Autosport article in respect of this statement and it appears that it is based on the Mercedes Press Release sentence:
Together with Ross Brawn, Lauda and Wolff will complete the management of the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 racing team
Is the omission of Nick Fry intentional? After all this was written by PR people to announce Wolff's appointment.  I'd be interested to know where this is going - I can see it now "Ross Brawn to Williams" - spectacular!

On a lighter note Lewis Hamilton visited the Mercedes Factory yesterday and the photo below shows a beautiful picture of the grid history of the Silver Arrows in F1 - Oh yeah, Lewis is in the picture too! The video of his visit is on the Mercedes AMG Petronas Website and youtube.  I've embedded it below.

Can I have this one for my company car?
Lewis gets up close and personal with what looks like Fangio's Mercedes-Benz W196R which brought him 4 wins and one second place in 1955 winning the WDC.
Courtesy: Mercedes AMG