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Monday, September 3, 2012

Championship Updates

Have just updated the Drivers and Constructors championships pages.  Remember these do not include the Bahrain GP which I have classified as a non-championship event; not assigning points for positions.

Interestingly, there are some notable differences becoming apparent.  With both Alonso and Hamilton out after the La Source "incident", Red Bull are the big winners, extending their Constructor's lead by 1, to 35 points ahead of McLaren on 199 points, who themselves have overtaken Ferrari by 8 points on the back of Jenson's first place and Alonso's failure to finish.

Since my championship negates Bahrain, Lotus' second and third place finishes there did not attract any points so Lotus are in fourth on 173 points.  Mercedes are in fifth, Sauber in sixth, however Williams on 53 points remain ahead of Force India on 51 (Di Resta scores no points for sixth in Bahrain).

In the Driver's Championship Alonso leads Webber by 39 points on 158. Vettel jumps Hamilton to take third by 2 points on 115, with Kimi joining Lewis on 113 points, and Jenson's result brings him back into contention, 57 points behind the leader.

The full tablulated results are available on their respective pages on this Blog.