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Monday, February 28, 2011

Brains and Brawn

Nice to be right, even nicer to be proved right.  I saw Ross Brawn's comments on the Mercedes team's official  website which, apart from the usual stuff about being happy where they are, stated that their "intention was always to launch the car in a fairly basic specification"  he even referred to the car as the "Launch-Specification Car".

I know that everyone with any knowledge of F1 knows just how fruitless it is trying to make predicitions for the coming season based on test cars but why therefore are we all so glued to the preseason test sessions?

For me I think its all linked to the excitement arising from the launch of the new season cars and the knowledge that the season is finally kicking into gear after the long winter break.  This delight, enthusiasm and anticipation requires that we peruse the results and data to the nth degree in a vain attempt to extrapolate the early season running order.

Sadly, this does not help us in any way: we all know that quali will give us some indication of the fastest cars but that things will only settle down into a recognisable form by Turkey or Spain as reliability issues and upgrades are introduced.  Even then it is wonderful that we can be surprised late in the season by hard charging comebacks like Alonso's last year.

Long live F1!!!